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Stretcher Acrobatics....

Tue, 7/5/13

6FP005 Fine Art Self Directed

Current Ideas and Thoughts:

At the moment all thoughts and concerns directly relate to my pieces for the Degree Show, coming up in about three weeks time.  I have basically been putting together three pieces of work that i will show, and possibly a fourth. These pieces consist of a piece entitled Futile, a piece made a few weeks ago that needs some more work, a piece entitled Evidence of a Struggle, the beginnings of which i posted in my last entry - and also a NEWER version on Disintegrate, this time in yellow.  For some reason i felt there should be three pieces in primary colours; i have also acquired three walls in an installation space which i'm extremely pleased about.

I have been considering where my inspiration for the colours have come from, and it's only recently i've realised it was from a piece of work by David Batchelor called Magic Hour - that i saw at the Hayward Gallery not long ago! I feel it was a key inspiration in terms of seeing not only the radiance of colour but also the inner workings of something; his coloured light boxes facing towards the wall, their many wires and plugs facing the viewer instead.  This piece was also interesting in terms of observing the younger visitors trying to get to the colour that was denied to them.  This resonates with me in terms of my piece Disintegrate; in denying the viewer the satisfaction of seeing the whole pattern perfect, as there is a sense of sabotage.

More amazing works by David Batchelor: http://www.davidbatchelor.co.uk/works/3D/

Working Images 

Evidence of a Struggle, Acrylic on cut canvas.

Really pleased with how this turned out; it has yet to be placed back on its frame, however i enjoy it on it's own, simply stapled to the wall.  I feel it's a step further from Futile, even MORE HOLES; there is hardly ANYTHING left of the huge robust piece of canvas i started with.

A sense of something BROKEN; the corners of the canvas dilapidated...

But also a sense of delicacy and Drawing i feel.  A future idea could be to turn my many close-ups back into FLAT paintings, re-draw these motifs by hand onto a flat surface.

Recent developments in my work have also included painting BOTH SIDES of the canvas; as well as the SIDES of the pieces, and the FRAME.  However painting both sides has caused difficulties in cutting, leaving cracks and marks across the now delicate weblike forms, leaving them more prone to rip and tear. I disliked this aspect at first, however i now feel it adds to the theme of breaking down.  Painting both sides is also an attempt to make the work more OBJECT-LIKE rather than a true painting.  I'm still interested in the idea of something hovering between painting and sculpture.  Having recently begun the yellow version of Disintegrate, and whilst removing the one painted side from the stretcher and re-stretching it to paint the other side, i noticed the interesting effects of a 'back-to-front' painting, and thought about what it could say about painting overall.

I enjoy the INSIDE-OUT effect here!!

The Stretching Before Cutting: This is the first side that has already been painted which is now on the inside of the stretcher.  I have since painted the other side and will be removing the canvas from the frame very shortly to begin cutting my pattern out once more.

Other Ideas:

Robert Morris eat your heart out....

The shredded piece is still currently developing.  I am currently unsure how this will be eventually displayed, whether partly on a stretcher and partly on the floor, or simply just on the floor in a pile or trailing along it.  I am also unsure how it will contextualise with the three other works, and will be testing display in the coming weeks.  This piece should eventually be a piece consisting of several pieces of canvas sewn together, shredded, blending from one colour to the next.  It aims to be in-keeping with the themes of disintegration and breaking down currently in my work.

All Pieces So Far:

The beginnings of Relentless. I love the messy aspect of this - but there is also a certain beauty and aesthetic to it also i feel, very fluid and liquid-like.  I also feel it suits the floor well.

Green added, this will hopefully next run into a darker green, then blue, then purple.


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